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Solving your company’s problems with strategy and technology

In a constantly changing world, businesses face new challenges every day. In this environment of constant innovation, our team is focused on achieving comprehensive digital transformation. We are proud to develop high-impact software solutions that position our clients as leaders in their industry.

Software Development

We help you develop cutting-edge platforms that are scalable and aligned with your strategic vision.

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Technology Consultancy

We provide our technological expertise and knowledge to solve operational, financial, and control challenges in organizations.

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Migrations to the Cloud

Cloud migration projects can be complex, but when done properly, they can have a transformative effect on businesses. We help you out to have a smooth transition.

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We export software


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Success stories

Vinos América

We developed a logistics and order fulfillment software solution for Vinos América that allowed the company to streamline operations, get operational visibility and reduce costs. They were able to track inventory, shipments, and delivery times more efficiently, which resulted in increased performance, improved customer satisfaction and more sales. Our software was customized to their specific business needs (fully integrated with SAP Business One) and has proven to be a great success for the company.


We recently worked with Pavel, a fintech startup, to develop a mobile app for their mobile wallet solution software. Our team collaborated closely with Pavel to create a customized solution that meets their unique business needs. The app provides an intuitive user interface for managing finances, allowing users to make payments, transfer money, and monitor their account activity in real-time. Since the launch of the app, Pavel has seen increased customer engagement and user retention, as well as a significant reduction in operational costs. We are proud to have contributed to the success of this innovative fintech startup.


We developed a comprehensive ecommerce marketplace software and mobile app for Stabroek Market that allowed multiple vendors to sell their products through the platform in Guyana and the Caribbean. Our solution streamlined the sales process, improved vendor and customer engagement, and provided valuable business insights for the company. Our software was created and customized to their specific business needs and has proven to be a great success for Stabroek Market.


We developed a website solution for the Canada Guyana Chamber of Commerce (CGCC) that provides them with an online platform to showcase their events, services, and resources. The website is user-friendly and visually appealing, making it easy for visitors to navigate and find the information they need. We worked closely with the CGCC team to ensure the website was customized to their specific business needs and integrated seamlessly with their existing branding. The new website has helped the CGCC to establish a strong online presence, increase engagement with their members, and attract new members to the organization.

Engloba la gestión y optimización de los procesos de almacenamiento, movimiento constante de los materiales a usar, así como los más eficientes entregas del producto hasta su cliente final.

Encargada de todos los procesos relacionados con la cadena alimentaria, así como la agricultura, la ganadería, la pesca y la industria alimentaria.

Consiste en encontrar la presentación y el acondicionamiento que vuelvan más atractivo al producto en el mercado, así como propiciar la red más óptima para su distribución y máximo alcance.

Forma un conjunto de empresas dedicadas a la comercialización de productos o servicios, que juntos hacen unión y construyen una red enfocada en satisfacer las necesidades de una comunidad.

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Some of our latest work

Tres imágenes promocionales para instastories del evento Alquimia


We developed a website with e-commerce capabilities and sold tickets for the event through this platform.

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Al fondo, vista del inicio del sitio web de International Energy Conference & Expo Guyana, al frente tres vistas de otras páginas del sitio

Guyana Energy

We have developed a website with a registration system platform for this conference.

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Vistas del sitio web de Caribbean Limers Association saliendo de una mac

Caribbean Limers

We have developed a website for this cricket sport club.

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