Ajuapp, the innovative digital platform that brings together the Jalisciense community from around the world! Designed with the purpose of creating a unique space where Jaliscienses can connect, share experiences, and celebrate their identity, Ajuapp represents a true revolution in how we connect online. From its conception to its launch, our team dedicated themselves entirely to bringing this exciting social network to life. We took care of every detail, from branding and humanizing the brand to the complete development of the web platform, thus ensuring an engaging and meaningful experience for our users.


The challenge of creating Ajuapp lay in developing a digital platform that not only connected the global Jalisciense community but also captured the essence and cultural identity of Jalisco in an authentic and meaningful way. Additionally, we had to ensure that the user experience was smooth, intuitive, and enriching, thus fostering active participation and a sense of belonging in the virtual community of Ajuapp.


The solution to the challenge of creating Ajuapp was to meticulously design and develop a user-friendly platform that seamlessly integrated features catering to the diverse needs of the Jalisciense community. Through extensive research and collaboration, we implemented innovative tools and functionalities that facilitated meaningful connections, fostered cultural exchange, and celebrated the rich heritage of Jalisco.


Users have praised the app’s ease of use and the variety of features it offers to foster connection and community. In summary, the results of the Ajuapp project have exceeded our initial expectations, and we are excited to see how it continues to grow and evolve in the future.