At Enigmatech, we take great pride in our involvement in developing the website for Alquimia Festival, the first mixology festival in Guadalajara. This project allowed us to seamlessly blend our creative approach with robust technical solutions to present the festival in an attractive and highly functional manner.

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The Challenge

Our challenge was twofold: to develop a website that clearly conveyed the essence of the festival, while also ensuring effective organic positioning, and efficiently managing event registrations. Having a responsive version of the site and the ability to attract leads through targeted AdWords campaigns were critical aspects of this project.

The Solution

Our team collaborated closely with other agencies to create a visually appealing design that beautifully captured the energy and creativity of the festival. We streamlined event registrations by implementing Google Forms and developed the website with a strong emphasis on responsiveness and SEO optimization.

To attract more visitors, we executed highly successful AdWords campaigns, meticulously crafted to generate a significant influx of quality leads.

The Results

Alquimia Festival proved to be a resounding success, both in terms of impressive attendance and heightened online visibility. The website received accolades for its engaging design, seamless functionality, and strong organic presence. The AdWords campaign also delivered outstanding results, drawing a substantial number of interested visitors to the festival.


The success of Alquimia Festival showcases our ability to seamlessly blend attractive web design, robust programming, effective SEO strategies, and successful AdWords campaigns. We are delighted to have played a key role in bringing Guadalajara’s first mixology festival to fruition.