Bug control

Bug Control is a leading company in Guadalajara, Jalisco, specializing in urban pest control. With over a decade of experience in the commercial, residential, and industrial sectors, Bug Control has established itself as a reliable company that provides effective advice and follow-up in all their fumigations.

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Personaje de Bug Control saliendo de una mac

The Challenge

Our challenge was to create a comprehensive image of Bug Control, incorporating an attractive and distinctive design that could enhance the brand identity. The company sought a complete digital transformation, including the development and design of a website, redesign of their logo, social media management, and video editing.

The Solution

We created a character called “Don Bug” who became the brand’s icon, providing a touch of personality and distinction. All designs were carefully crafted to create a unique and characteristic look for the brand. For the website, we opted for a clean and modern design that reflects Bug Control’s professionalism and expertise. Additionally, we redesigned their logo to make it more modern and appealing.

In the digital realm, we worked on managing their social media and video editing to promote their services and strengthen their online presence. We also became their hosting provider and developed digital strategies to boost their visibility and attract new clients.

The Results

The result was a complete and successful digital transformation. Bug Control has benefited from an attractive and user-friendly website, increased presence on social media, and enhanced customer interaction through effective video editing and digital strategies. The client was more than satisfied with the outcome, particularly highlighting the distinctive character and personality that Don Bug brings to the brand.


This project is a great example of how a comprehensive digital transformation can enhance a brand’s identity and attract more customers. With Bug Control, we have demonstrated our ability to create attractive and unique designs, develop efficient and effective websites, and manage social media and video editing effectively. The client’s satisfaction and the success of Bug Control are testimonials to the effectiveness of our digital and design strategies.