Caribbean Limers

We believe that each client has a unique story. We are passionate about helping them tell that story through engaging digital solutions. An exemplary case is our collaboration with Caribbean Limers, a sports club with a rich history and a strong connection to the national sports of Trinidad and Tobago.

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The Challenge

Caribbean Limers wanted a digital platform that would reflect their colorful history and passion for sports. Formed in 1980 in Toronto, Canada, by citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, the club is dedicated to sports such as cricket, football, table tennis, and All Fours, a local card game. Additionally, they needed to digitize their existing logo.

The Solution

We created a dynamic website, rich in colors and filled with history. We digitized their logo and designed a layout that showcased their love for sports and their connection to Trinidad and Tobago. The site serves not only as a platform to inform members and the public about the club but also as a tribute to cricket veterans.

The Results

The website and digitized logo we designed for Caribbean Limers have been a resounding success. The website reflects their vibrant history and love for sports while providing an effective platform to keep members informed and attract new participants.


The Caribbean Limers project is a prime example of how we help our clients tell their unique story through effective digital solutions. We take pride in having helped Caribbean Limers bring their history and passion for sports to life.