The Challenge

Cocina 23 sought a minimalist and sleek brand identity, and at Enigmatech, we were thrilled to partner with them on this journey. From crafting their brand logo to curating a captivating online presence, our collaboration was focused on bringing their vision to life.

The Solution

We began by designing a brand logo that encapsulated Cocina 23’s essence: simplicity yet sophistication. Our expertise in minimalistic design resulted in a sleek, memorable logo that perfectly echoed their brand ethos.

The Results

Moving forward, we extended our services to encompass the visual aspect of their online presence. This included capturing compelling photographs, creating engaging content for social media, and developing a sleek, user-friendly corporate website that resonated with their audience.

Additionally, our team crafted meticulously designed menus and developed a comprehensive corporate image strategy that aligned seamlessly with Cocina 23’s unique identity.


Through our collaboration, Cocina 23 now stands adorned with a cohesive brand identity, from a striking logo to a compelling online presence, embodying simplicity and sophistication at its core.
At Enigma Technologies, we pride ourselves on crafting digital solutions that elevate brands, ensuring they stand out and leave a lasting impression.”