De la Viña a la Copa

We absolutely love being a part of unforgettable experiences. A perfect example of this is our collaboration with Vinos América for their annual event “De la Viña a la Copa” (DLVALC), a festival that brings together over 4000 wine enthusiasts and showcases more than 600 labels from top winemakers around the world.

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The Challenge

Our task was to create a dynamic website for the event that captured its unique essence, develop digital marketing strategies using Google AdWords, and design a system for event-day registration and access control, along with QR codes for custom menus of the bottles available for sale on the event day.

The Solution

Our team developed a website that reflects the one-of-a-kind experience of DLVALC, a sensory journey that never repeats itself. We collaborated with other agencies to implement creative designs that enhanced the event’s visibility and success.

We implemented a registration and access control system for a seamless admission process on the event day. Additionally, we created QR codes for custom bottle menus, an innovation that was highly appreciated by attendees.

The Results

The dynamic, responsive, and adaptable website we created for DLVALC was a resounding success. Users praised its ease of use and attractive design. Our digital marketing strategies helped increase the event’s visibility, and our registration and access control system functioned flawlessly during the event.


The DLVALC project exemplifies how we can transform an event into a comprehensive digital experience, boosting its visibility and streamlining its management. We are incredibly proud to have helped DLVALC become a benchmark in the wine culture.