At Enigmatech, we take pride in closely collaborating with Duravilla Inc., a leading company in the sustainable construction industry. Duravilla specializes in manufacturing complete modular homes and a wide range of wood-derived products, from doors to floors, stairs, and cabinets.

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We crafted a tailor-made corporate website, blending our expertise in unique design with search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. Our work involved cleaning and optimizing photographs and texts, as well as carefully selecting images that reflected Duravilla’s vision and identity.

The Results

The result was a digital platform that not only captivated visitors but also met search engine optimization standards, delivering an enriching and effective online experience.


We’re proud to have achieved client satisfaction by providing a digital solution that not only showcased Duravilla’s excellence but also maximized its online presence, enhancing its reach and appeal to key audiences.

At Enigmatech, we strive to exceed expectations, offering digital solutions that stand out and transform the online presence of our valued clients