We are passionate about transforming ideas into meaningful digital solutions. One outstanding example of our work is Kiper, a comprehensive school management system that emerged in response to the pandemic and aims to improve communication between students, parents, and teachers.

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The Challenge

Our challenge was to create a platform and mobile application that would enable seamless communication among the different stakeholders in the educational environment. Additionally, we needed to develop a brand identity that reflected the innovative and creative spirit of Kiper.

The Solution

With a focus on usability and interaction, we developed a platform and mobile application that facilitate communication between students, parents, and teachers. Furthermore, we crafted a unique brand identity for Kiper, including logo design, color palette, and a dynamic landing page.

All brand illustrations were digitized, adding a creative and distinctive touch. The platform and mobile application were built using the latest programming languages, ensuring an exceptional user experience.

Vistas del software de Kiper saliendo de la mac

The Results

Kiper has been a resounding success, both in terms of functionality and brand identity. The platform and mobile application’s ease of use and efficiency in facilitating communication between students, parents, and teachers have been our distinguishing features.


The Kiper project showcases our ability to transform an idea into an effective and creative digital solution. We take immense pride in having contributed to Kiper’s journey to becoming the next benchmark in digital education.