Nearshore Software Development

The Nearshore Software Development model has become one of the most effective ways for US-based companies to source high-end custom software development services at an incredibly-affordable rate.

  • Enterprise options for cloud & mobile applications.
  • Providing staff augmentarion & fully managed solutions.
  • Highly qualified, top tier talent & dedicated teams.
  • Proficient english-speaking.
  • Resources placed match your time zone.
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What software challenges does Enigmatech solve?

  • Building nearshore software development teams for long-term client success.
  • Companies not able to hire software engineers fast enough due to demand and internal processes.
  • Access to affordable and skilled software engineers to meet current budgets and timelines.
  • Limiting burnout of us software development teams by having same time zone support.
  • Company expertise to ensure software development success.

Let Enigmatech build your nearshore software development team

Nearshore software development breaks the mold of the traditional software outsourcing model. U.S. companies are starting to shift to the idea of quality over quantity when choosing to move parts of their software development business overseas. But what if there was a much better way to hire? What if you could find top tier industry talent, at a reasonable rate, with the same goals and values as your U.S. based business? There is, welcome to nearshore software development outsourcing.

Nearshore software development is all about putting together teams that meet your company goals without the drawbacks of offshore outsourcing. Our nearshore development teams are built from the top 1% of software engineers and programmers located in Latin America. Meaning a full nearshore software development team can be built and delivered to you within a 2-weeks!


Common Language

The teams we build have 100 percent English proficiency. What does the mean for your company? We understand communication is key for laying out proper tasks, goals, and deadlines for the project. Being that software development can be complex, outsourcing your team has no place for a language barrier.

Similar Time Zones

With nearshore teams, the goal is to be within 1 – 3 hours of your regularly scheduled company time. When outsourcing offshore, the time zone difference can create project bottlenecks that halt or extend past the deadline. With nearshoring development services, working in the same or similar time zones will feel like working with a remote hire! This improves company development updates and team building vs waiting for the next day to get a response from your offshore partner.

Related Business Culture

It’s no secret that choosing offshore outsourcing will have many risks. Cultural differences can play a huge factor into the results you get from your software development team. Working with a nearshore software development company with the same vision and goals of your business will help avoid common offshore outsourcing issues like IP (Intellectual Property) theft, and workplace etiquette.

Our process

Nearshore benefits

Headquartered in the US, with teams throughout Latin America, our Nearshore Software Developers and Executive Team provide the same time zone and English-proficient services to the Western Hemisphere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nearshore software outsourcing is all about reducing company costs while having the same level of talent and communication you’d expect when trying to hire locally. Using the U.S. as an example, a business looking to create a project at a reduced cost will outsource the development work to a company that specializes in hiring a nearshore software team from places like Mexico or Brazil.

While saving money is an important factor for your company, the greater advantages include a large selection of high-end nearshore software programmers, similar workplace culture, and same operating time zones.

Nearshore according to websters dictionary is “extending outward an indefinite but usually short distance from shore.” In the instance of nearshore software development, it’s when a U.S. business looks for a company (like Enigmatech) that goes out and finds highly talented programmers and engineers within Latin America to fulfill your project needs.

Since we have established what nearshoring outsourcing is, nearshore projects can be anything your business needs assistance with from talent outside of your country. Typically, these projects are technology related, ranging from helpdesk support to programmers and engineers that build custom software.

At Enigmatech, we have worked with many U.S. businesses to accomplish their nearshore software development goals. Companies like IBM, Cisco, Caterpillar construction equipment and many more! Click our case studies link at the top of this page to explore other businesses we’ve worked with and how each project went.