Servicios Metrológicos mundiales

Sistemas Metrológicos SMM is a service company that provides specialized solutions in consulting, training, and calibration of instruments for fundamental quantities and reference materials. To cater to their growing base of certified users, they needed a functional e-commerce platform and an efficient login solution.

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The Challenge

Our challenge was to develop an e-commerce platform that would allow SMM’s certified users to have secure and convenient access to their platform. Additionally, we had to integrate a login system to streamline access to resources and services for these users.

The Solution

We created an efficient and secure e-commerce platform with an integrated login system for certified users. This development enabled SMM to offer its clients an optimized user experience and easier access to their services. Furthermore, we took responsibility for managing their emails, ensuring smooth and efficient communication with their clients.


The Results

The implementation of the e-commerce platform and the login system for certified users has allowed SMM to enhance its services and provide a more intuitive user experience. Clients have reported high satisfaction with the improvements, leading to increased customer retention and loyalty.


This project underscores our ability to design and develop efficient and secure e-commerce platforms, as well as our capacity to integrate effective login systems for certified users. Our commitment to delivering comprehensive digital solutions that drive the growth of our clients is reflected in our work with Sistemas Metrológicos SMM.