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Soy Aceite de coco

Creating a visually appealing and unique experience is crucial for any brand aiming to stand out online. At Enigmatech, we had the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise in this aspect through our collaboration with SOY COCONUT OIL.

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The Challenge

SOY ACEITE DE COCO, a company founded in 2014, specializes in distributing organic coconut oil. They needed a website that would reflect their unwavering commitment to quality and authenticity, while also capturing the purity and freshness of their products.

The Solution

We embarked on a photography session to capture compelling and attractive images of SOY ACEITE DE COCO products. Each photograph was meticulously crafted to showcase the organic and fresh essence of coconut oil, perfectly aligning with the brand’s philosophy.

To complement these captivating visuals, we developed a website with a clean and minimalist design, placing emphasis on the product’s purity. The site was meticulously designed to ensure easy navigation and visual appeal for visitors, thus reflecting SOY ACEITE DE COCO dedication to providing an exceptional customer experience.

The Results

SOY ACEITE DE COCO was delighted with the final outcome. The photographs we produced for them flawlessly captured the essence of their brand, and the website we created serves as a compelling platform to present their products to customers. This project stands as a prime example of how high-quality photography and web design can synergize to highlight a brand’s true essence.


We are committed to helping brands shine in the digital landscape. Collaborating with ACEITE DE COCO allowed us to create an attractive website that authentically embodies the essence of their brand, and we take great pride in this achievement.